Grange Farm School


Grange Farm School

California State Grange Center for Sustainable Agriculture… the Grange Farm School!

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In early 2011, the California State Grange imagined and set in motion plans to create a school of agriculture with a primary goal that it would be a project that every Granger could be proud of.  Three conventions and several transformations later, shovels met the soil in the fall of 2013 at the magnificent Ridgeway Ranch, south of Willits, and home to the famous racehorse, Seabiscuit.

Formally, the project has come to be named the California State Grange Center for Sustainable Agriculture (CSGCSA).   More casually, the “Grange Farm School".

The project and funding was approved by our delegates at the 2013 Annual Convention of the California State Grange.  However, within the first year of the CSGCSA project, our Executive Committee and President transferred complete administration, liability, and responsibility for future funding to the Little Lake Grange in Willits.  This became necessary for a variety of reasons and to assure a better chance of success.  An agreement was reached by all parties.

It is important to correct a previous misconception that the transfer of the CSGCSA project to the Little Lake Grange was due to the conflict between the National Grange and California State Grange.  Not so.

The California State Grange Center for Sustainable Agriculture (CSGCSA) reflects a movement that began in California in 2009 - a resurgence, resurrection and commitment to the history, founding principles and purpose of the Grange.  A return to our roots we proudly call the Grange Renaissance.

The California State Grange and our members will continue to receive recognition for creating and supporting the CGCSA.  The California State Grange has contributed over $65,000 to the first year of the CSGCSA project.  However, anticipated contributions to meet the remainder of the first year's budget have fallen short.

Please, contribute to the Grange Farm School's goal of raising $95,000 to continue their efforts.  A crowd-funding campaign has begun.  You can make your contributions at:

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- Bob

President, California State Grange